FR. ?, Kathleen Dood, Annette Corkery?, Mary Dodd?, Philamena Dodd, Eileen Dodd, Liam Gannon, ?, ?, Secondo Row: Sonny Champ, Mrs Champ, KatiePT O'Sullivan, Ms Houlihan, Collette Mangan, Tim Sheehan, Kitty Sheehan, Mary Clifford (Bulker), ?, Third Row: Mikey Brosnan, ?, ?, John Joe Grady, Kitty Clifford?, Mrs Dodd, ?, ?,?, Pattie Dodd, Peg Brosnan,Mrs Moriarty, James Coffey Back Row: ?, Denis Lynch, Gerald Hartnett, Donal Quinn,?, ?, Tom Moriarty, ?. ?.

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