Samantha Gill pictured here with a collegue. New York. Grand Daughter of Lieutenant Jimmy Gill of Staten Island. Jimmy Gill was son of Garda Peter Gill of Langford St KIillorglin back in the 50-60 s. Jimmy has open house every week for Traditional Irish Music players of many Nationalists and Retired Cops, Dempsey’s in New York is another gathering place for these players

Ali’s trip to Dublin in 1972 for the fight against Al Blue Lewis in Croke Park organised by Butty Sugrue. Timothy ‘Chubb O’Connor’, Harold Conrad Ali’s promoter with the glasses.
From the left Christina and Anthony Cahillane,U.S Navy Blue/Gold officer Eddie Stankiewicƶ , followed by U.S Naval Academy student cooks, Bob Cahillane,additional students Kip Trent and Anthony. far right U.S Navy Blue,Gold officer Steve Roberts with Jeannie Ahearn from Congressman Neil’s staff at the Colony Club in Springfield Massachusetts during Christmas break 2015
FR. L-R: Tom Moriarty, Mayor J. Cahillane, Ted Mangan, Back Row: Stephan Cahillane, PJ Duffy Shea, Tadge Reilly, Patie Cahillane, Ml. Shinner Carroll, Padso McCarthy
1950s, Awards Ballroom / Dancehall, Duffey O’Shea, James Cahillane – Boston, Mrs Cahillane and her daughter,Ted Mangan, Tom Moriarty,Gerry Coffey