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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Give it a Go @ The Gleneagle Hotel


Give it a go…What’s it all about? Give it a GO in assocation with Active Retirement Ireland and proudly sponsored by Hidden Hearing is an event that will allow people to take control of their lives, experience new things, find a new hobby or interest, catch up with friends, laugh, dance and have fun! It’s all about Giving things a Go! Give it a GO proudly sponsored by Hidden Hearing Designed for you! How it works: there will be a full itinerary drawn up for each day. Most activities will run on a daily basis and some of the most popular activities will run twice daily allowing you to choose up to 8 different experiences over your vacation. This is an ideal event to for anyone traveling by themselves or in a group to make friends and gain new life experiences. What do you need to bring? It’s always important to dress for the conditions. The clothes you need will depend mainly on the type of activities you want to try. Even though its June, it’s still Ireland so we would recommend you bring one change of clothes along in case you get wet. If you are doing any of the outdoor activities a good waterproof jacket will serve you well should the day be less than balmy. It’s advisable to wear comfortable footwear such as runners for most event, inside or out. And even if you are not planning on getting in the water, it’s advisable to bring along a swimsuit and a towel, just in case you change your mind. Let the Adventure Begin!