Building of Milltown Muintir Hall in the making 1957

A great community effort. “Remember us when these walls fall for we were the men who built the hall”. Back in the 1950’s there was no Hall in Milltown. Any social events were out of the question were it not for the generosity of the Presentation Brothers in giving their School for Whist Drives, concerts and dramatic entertainments. Then there was a great social awakening headed by the then Curate Fr. Joe McCloskey. Under his direction all the local men worked diligently from daylight to dusk, and all was ready for the official opening on Presentation Day, the 21st of November 1957. The new Muintir na Tire Hall  was blessed by Fr. C O’Leary, P.P., assisted by Fr. McCloskey, C.C., Fr. D O’Shea P.P. , Castlemaine, Fr. Browne P.P. , Fossa and Fr. Michael Stack C.C., Killorglin. The Presentation Brothers present at the ceremony were Bro Justin Kelly, Superior, Bro John Fitzpatrick and Bro Cathal. That night it was on with the dance with  Maestro Maurice Mulcahy and the members of his popular band. Never since the Hall has served the purpose for which it was intended. Whist Drives were replaced by the present day more popular Bingo sessions, concerts and dramatic presentations. Sales of Work every Winter, a regular meeting venue for local organisations. For a term of some weeks the Hall was used as a school when the then Primary School was under construction. FROM DENIS SUGRUE’S HISTORICAL COLLECTION