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Thursday, February 22, 2024


aim of the Killorglin Archive Society is collecting, collating and archiving old photographs, recordings and films that capture the essence of life in Killorglin parish over the last century. This will greatly enhance our knowledge of the history and folklore of our place. At present over 15,000 photographs have been generously donated and archived with some going back over 100 years.

These photographs and documents are scanned and archived, with the originals returned to their owners. Undoubtedly there are many interesting photographs, documents and recordings in the possession of the people of Killorglin parish at home and abroad stored away in attics and drawers.

The Killorglin Archive Society (K.A.S.) wish to preserve this information for the purpose of sharing it with present and future generations. If you would like to become part of this exciting project we would be delighted to hear from you. You can help by bringing your own photos (with accompanying information e.g. date, location, people/place pictured), maps and written documents to the K.A.S. office located in the Sean Scoil, Killorglin. These items will be digitised and returned to the owners.

We are also seeking to engage with people who live or have spent time in our parish in the past to sit down with us and share their memories about days gone by. K.A.S. intends on interviewing local people whose first-hand accounts of special events and day-to-day life in early-mid 20th century Killorglin will serve as invaluable sources of information.

All contact information for the Killorglin Archive Society can be found here.


Archive Top Picks

Puck Fair 1941

PUCK FAIR IN ALL ITS GLORY 1941. (Courtesy of Margaret Casey of Ballymacprior).

“The Goatcatcher” Sean O’Shea of Coomplehane, circa 1940’s

"The Goatcatcher" Sean O'Shea of Coomplehane, circa 1940's.