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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Europol chief says ISIS is sending new waves of jihadis to attack Europe using fake passports-media-3

2SI Gvozdika (carnation) self-propelled 122mm howitzer. NOT A TANK!
(Video here: http://neildoyle.com/zyra3/furqanminhaj.mp4 ) EXCL Morgan/Doyle/Sullivan MORE than 100 innocent Iraqis are mercilessly slaughtered in a horrific execution video by a terror group recruiting thousands of British jihads. Victims cower, beg and cry for their lives as they are herded off trucks before being shot dead one-by-one in mass assassinations. They are the first images of apparent genocide released by the notorious Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Isis), which has recruited hundreds of Britons this year alone. The film shows ten trucks packed with many dozens of prisoners, who were said to be Iraqi army soldiers, being driven away to be executed. One man about to die was wearing an Arsenal FC shirt and another sported a Manchester United top. A truckload of around 30 men is herded into a open area and ordered to lie face down in the earth in a line. Seven jihadists were then seen killing the prisoners with shots from automatic assault rifles. In a second scene, 60 or more men, face down in two rows in a shallow trench, are executed one at a time by a gunman wearing a red beret. At least 1,500 British citizens are believed to have been recruited to wage jihad. Among those thought to have joined ISIS fighting in Iraq is Mohammed Hadi, 18, – the Brit schoolboy dubbed Osama Bin Bieber. The Isis video released to followers was entitled “Prophetic Methodology” and lasted for just over 36 minutes. One suspected British jihadist commented on the video on Twitter and joked: “Was a bit tamer than I expected…” He added: “LOL yeah ok that was epic”. Earlier scenes in the video showed captured military equipment, gun battles, drive by shootings and mosques being demolished. One showed an apparent Scud missile on a launch trailer being paraded though the streets of Raqqa in Syria. The black flag of Isis was being waved from the driver’s cab while two masked gunmen stood either side of the nosecone. It appeared to be part of a huge arsenal of weapons and amm

Europol chief says ISIS is sending new waves of jihadis to attack Europe using fake passports-media-2
Horrific ISIS video shows British child – dubbed Abu Abdullah al-Britani – ‘shooting prisoner in the head’ in Syria-media-1