Killorglin’s WW1 Servicemen and Women


Men from Killorglin Parish enlisted in many countries, spanning Europe, Australasia, North America and Africa. They served in all the three branches of the military – Army, Navy and the fledging Air Force. They fought in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and at sea.

This document is the culmination of a project which sought to identify, and to learn about, the men from Killorglin Parish who fought during World War One – both those who died in the conflict and those who survived. From the outset, exhaustive attempts were made to trace relatives of the servicemen, and to seek their permission to make public their service records and family memorabilia. In this endeavour I have received unstinted assistance from John Galvin and Tom Doyle, drawing on their extensive local knowledge.

I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank all those relatives who so generously gave their co-operation and family information to this project.

Especial thanks are due to Jean Prendergast and Adrian Foley of The Royal Munster Fusiliers Association, who have given of their time and database information to this project.

Among the many items that I have been given for inclusion in the document are: several photographs, a diary from the German East African Front, a chaplain’s letter to a grieving mother, an inscribed Bible, family stories and medals/memorial plaques.

If readers have information about family members from Killorglin Parish who served during World War One, I would be most grateful if you could contact the Killorglin Archive Society.

Stephen Thompson.

(Updated on the 15th December 2015)